New Zealand Line Dancing

New Zealand Line Dancing is a school based in the heart of New Zealand. We teach dancing enthusiasts how to line dance. If you are interested in this knowing more about this type of dance, join our other students and learn some fun and exciting moves. Line dancing is usually performed by a group composed of three or more members. Each member would have to use Madame Tussaud Amsterdam ticket to save on your next tour and move with perfect timing to achieve synchronicity. Line dancing is all about moving with the unity of the team members. You don’t need a partner to learn line dancing, but feel free to bring along your friends or family members to spend some quality time together learning something new and exciting.

We offer a fun experience at a welcoming venue with a huge, real hardwood dance floor. Our dance hall is also equipped with air conditioning so that you never have to worry about being uncomfortable with the environment. More importantly, our classes are taught by qualified and skilled dance instructors who have more than a decade of experience teaching people how to line dance to all genres of music.

What is Line Dancing

As its name implies, line dancing is when people dance in lines to music. Line dances are choreographed dances with a repeated sequence of steps, with groups of people in lines or rows performing the steps in unison without them touching or making contact with each other. Performers in a line dance often face the same direction and dance the exact same steps at the same time. Even with only two people participating, it will still be considered line dancing if it adheres to the definition above.

Line dancing is believed to have originated from folk dancing because of some similarities. with the steps. Because line dancing tends to have simple steps and does not require a partner, it is the perfect dance for singles and even non-dancers. Line dancing is done by a group. Everyone will have to move according to the step and get more saving with kortingscode forever 21 gratis verzending. Line dancing produces a great visual and effects which provide a great impact on the audience. It is taught and performed in so many country and western dance bars, dance halls, and social clubs across the world. It is a fun and exciting dance form that is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon!


Beginner - For those who are just starting out with line dancing, our beginner class is the perfect place for them. The patterns that are taught in this class are quite simple and easy to memorize. Some examples of the dances that students will learn in this class are Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Reggae Cowboy, Skip, and many others.

Intermediate - For those who are looking for something a little more complex, our intermediate classes offer variety and more complicated patterns. Students from the beginner class who do not have any problem memorizing patterns are welcome to continue their learning and enroll in our intermediate class. Memorizing patterns is improved through continuous practice. You have to train your muscle memory to execute each move. You can also watch great line dancers of the world and get round trip flights to Amsterdam for cheap. Intermediate level dancers usually placed at the back. Some of the dances that are taught at this level include Ooh Aah, Dizzy, Fake ID, and Stuff You Gotta Watch.

Advanced - At our advanced class, students will be learning new dances each week. This course is for the very experienced line dancer. Advanced line dances usually have a minimum of 32 to 64 counts (some can even have 128-400 counts) per dance and usually have tags, bridges, and restarts. Some examples of dances that are taught in this course are Tango Cha, What If We Fly, Gazebo Waltz, and many others.